Steve Tatti circa 1985 Restoring the Statue of Liberty.

Steve Tatti

Steve Tatti is the Principal and Chief Conservator of Tatti Art Conservation. 

During his distinctive 35+ year career in fine arts conservation, Steve Tatti has successfully restored thousands of pieces for auction houses, galleries, museums, municipalities, and private clients.  He has also been recognized with numerous awards, including those from Save Outdoor Sculpture, NY Landmarks Conservancy, and Baltimore Heritage.

Steve began his tenure in the art world by training as an art conservator in Florence, Italy.  After moving back to the States, Steve continued to refine his conservation skills as a Senior Conservator for nearly a decade at the Hirschhorn Museum & National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institute.

Since 1985, Steve has been practicing art conservation privately in New York City, beginning with his father and uncle, and continuing with his two sons. 

Professional Memberships:

AIC Member
Washington Conservation Guild
International Institute for Conservation

Villa Schifanoia,  Florence, Italy. Graduate Program in Art Conservation, l972-73
Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. B.A. cum laude, General Studies, l972
Loyola University, Rome, Italy. Academic Year Abroad, l970-7l

Nick Tatti circa 2014 writing a condition report on a painting by Gerhard Richer.

Nick Tatti

Nick Tatti is the Business Manager and a Conservation Technician at Tatti Art Conservation.

He is the eldest son of head conservator and business owner, Steve Tatti. Growing up in the studio, he gained a sharp understanding and knowledge of conservation techniques, including carving, welding, and casting. Nick spends much of his day using this knowledge to bid on projects, price incoming restorations, and write treatment proposals. Throughout his time with Tatti Art Conservation, he has been involved in the restoration of varied pieces by renowned artists such as Edgar Degas, Frederic Remington, and Alberto Giacometti. Before working at the studio, Nick spent years within the auction houses of New York, much of which was at Sotheby's, where he gained a firm understanding of inventory management, registrar work, and specialized property handling techniques. 


AIC Member
Syracuse University,
  Syracuse, New York. B.A., Art History, focused studies in Chemistry 2008-2012
John Cabot University, Rome, Italy. Academis Semester Abroad 2011

Zach Tatti circa 2016 preforming treatment on an public monument by Hélène Sardeau in Philadelphia.


Zach Tatti is a Conservator Technician and Shop Manager at Tatti Art Conservation.

He is the younger son of Steve Tatti and has been taking projects in the studio since 2008. Zach has been working full time at the studio since 2013, and has performed countless restorations of pieces for both private dealers and public institutions. His major skill set includes the restoration of metal and stone, where he often performs cleaning treatments, weather protecting, sculpting, patinating, gilding, and welding. Samples of his work can seen at Donald Delue’s Rocket Thrower in Flushing Meadows Park, and Cleapotra’s Needle, the 3,500-year-old granite obelisk located in Central Park.


AIC Member
Rogers Williams University,
  Providence, Rhode Island. B.A., Architectural Preservation 2009-2013
Art Students League, New York, New York.  Intermediate Welding Class 2014

Jennifer Keltos circa 2018 detailing and carving hair on a marble statue.

Jennifer Keltos

Jennifer Keltos is a Conservation Technician and Color Specialist at Tatti Art Conservation. 

Jennifer is an artist who began working for Tatti Art Conservation in 2018. 

As the resident in-painting and color specialist, her range of skills also include trompe l’oeil painting and sculpture fabrication, gilding, sculpting, patinaing and cleaning/polishing sculptures. 

She trained in the realist methodology of the 19th century French Academic tradition in drawing, painting & sculpture in Florence, Italy. She also studied various methods of printmaking in England, returning to the states in 2015. She is a recipient of both the Alpine Fellowship and the Hudson River Fellowship. Highly influenced by Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Realism & Ancient Egyptian art, she maintains her own studio upstate where she is creating a body of work primarily in oils and charcoal, exhibiting internationally. 

Northern Print, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. 2015
Florence Academy of Art, Florence, Italy. 2011-2014
Scuola Lorenzo de’Medici, Florence, Italy. 2011
Lattimore Atelier, Cornwall, NY. 2010